Summer Season 2018   (click on Div Link)

Monday Coed > 30

Div 1 & Div 2

Tuesday Coed Open Aged

Div 2 & Div 3 & Div 4

Wednesday Men's > 30 Modified

Div 1 / 2

Thursday Women's > 25

Div 1 / 2

Friday Coed Open Aged

Div 3



Teams that are unable to play a match must provide 24 hours notice of a forfeit by contacting the WCASA Administrator at or are subject to a fine consisting of the cost of one game per team fee paid

(team fee for season/number of games in season). 

FINES:For the current season to be $97 for Coed & Women's Leagues & $108.30 for Men's > 30 League.

The fine will be paid by the team manager prior to the start of the teamís next game. 

An appeal of the fine may be made to the WCASA Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting.

If the fine is reversed, the fee will be returned to the team manager.