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Spring Season 2017

Starts week of April, 4 2017 & runs through June, 19 2017

Monday - Coed > 30

Tuesday - Coed Open (1, 2 & 3)

Wednesday - Men's > 30 Modified

Wednesday - Women's > 40

Thursday - Women's > 25

Friday - Coed Open (1, 2 & 3)

SPRING REGISTRATIONS ~ were emailed 2/24/17

Thursday, March 24 2017 WCASA Team Managers Meeting (WECU Community Room, Holly St.)

All 2016 team managers will recieve a registration later this week via email.

New teams should email for a registration to be emailed.

Space is limited each night, First come, First served.......


Winter Coed Over 30 Schedules posted.....Referees weekend 3 & 4 posted




Teams that are unable to play a match must provide 24 hours notice of a forfeit by contacting the

WCASA Administrator at or are subject to a fine consisting of the cost of one game per team fee paid (team fee for season/number of games in season). 

FINES:For the current season fine is $97.56 for Coed > 30 teams. 

The fine will be paid by the team manager prior to the start of the team’s next game. 

An appeal of the fine may be made to the WCASA Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting.

If the fine is reversed, the fee will be returned to the team manager.

Ballapalooza REGISTRATION w/e of 22 - 23 July 2017





2016 / 2017 WCASA Board Meets:

all players are welcome to attend.....

Thursday, March 24 2017 WCASA Team Managers Meeting (WECU Community Room, Holly St.)

May 3 2017 WCASA Board Meeting (P66SP)

August 2 2017 WCASA Board Meeting (P66SP)

October 4 2017 WCASA Board Meeting (RTP)

December TBD 2017 WCASA Holiday Meeting (closed meeting)

all meeting dates subject to change with advanced notice posted here.




                WSASA Player Card Registration

           Online at $35+ fee or at the Bellingham Sportsplex ~ $38 ~ WSASA Card

              good for all afiliated WSASA leagues in the state ~ with the exception of the GSSL & Cascadia Soccer        

              Associations ~ they have their own player card. Valid Temp card issued ~ online (print receipt) & hardcopy

              given at the the soccer park & at Bellingham Sportsplex. Tournament Card $20 for play in WA

        Tournaments only.     




                      WSASA Player Card Medical Insurance Information ~ click here  

          Call WSASA ASAP to activate a claim 425-485-7855 (Mon, Wed Fri 9am-1pm and

          Tues & Thurs 2pm - 6pm) as 90 day time constraint in filing a claim and once

          your claim is accepted by USASA & then player will have 12 months to claim. 







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