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 Spring season 2015: Referees week 6 posted Standings week 6 posted

NWSP Field Map (refresh screen to ensure 2015) Pioneer Park Field Map

Summer season 2015: Season starts week of June 29 and runs 9 weeks

Registrations to be emailed begining of June 2015 if you would like a registration and dont currently

run a team email



Teams that are unable to play a match must provide 24 hours notice of a forfeit by contacting the WCASA Administrator at or are subject to a fine consisting of the cost of one game per team fee paid (team fee for season/number of games in season).  For the current season this fine is $99.46 for all coed and ladies teams and $111.51 for mens teams.  The fine will be paid by the team manager prior to the start of the team’s next game.  An appeal of the fine may be made to the WCASA Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting. If the fine is reversed, the fee will be returned to the team manager.


WCASA Board Future Meeting Dates:

          Wednesday 5/6, Wednesday 6/3 & Wednesday 8/5 at NWSP Meeting Room after > 30 Games



                           FIFA Women's World Cup 2015 SCHEDULE ~ click here

              USA v Nigeria at BC Place Vancouver BC on Tuesday June 16th at 5pm ~ Ticketmaster has tickets

                          Finals at BC PLace Vancouver, BC on Sunday, July 5th 2015


          WSASA Player Card Registration

           Online at $35+fee or at the Bellingham Sportsplex ~ $38 (increse as of 1/1/15)

               good for all leagues in WA state ~ with the exception of GSSL ~ they have their own

              player card. Valid Temp card issued ~ both online (please print receipt) & hardcopy given at the

               Bellingham Sportsplex. Tournament Card still $20 for play in WA Tournaments only.     




           WSASA Player Card Medical Insurance Information ~ click here  

          Call WSASA ASAP to activate a claim 425-485-7855 (Mon, Wed Fri 9am-1pm and

          Tues & Thurs 2pm - 6pm) as 90 day time constraint on filing a claim and once

          your claim is accepted by USASA ~ you will have 12 months to claim. 




 photo a0c0d68f-f565-4930-bc02-56cf2b0dda75_zpsb41919e3.jpg

The Masters Cup will return in 2015. We are very pleased to release the updated logo and tournament details for the lates edition of this exciting tournament. The 2015 Masters cup will be held at Skagit River Park in Burlington , Washington between June 19th and 21st. We are also pleased to announce that camping will be available for this event. The deadline for registration is May 17th. For REGISTRATION click here






Ballapalooza Dates for 2015 ~  July 25 & 26

2015 REGISTRATION - click here





         View 10 day Bellingham weather forecast.