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        Spring All Leagues Schedules posted click here

              All Spring games start the week of April 21st at NWSP & offsite at 6:15pm (time change)

              Referee Week 1 ~ Monday posted, Tuesday through Thursday coming soon.

           NWSP Field Map ~ click here and for Pioneer Park ~ click here




         2014 Season WINTER COED > 30

              Standings Weekend 10 / Referee for postponed rain out from weekend 6 games on 4/19


         Next WCASA Board Meeting: Wednesday May 7 2014   

               NWSP Meeting Room (after > 30 games) all players welcome!



        Players wanting to get on a team for spring season- please email

   and get on the players wanting to play list.



        Summer All Leagues ~Team Fee $840.88 coed & ladies > 25 &

              men's > 30 modified $949.38  (NWSP) June 30 ~ August 28 (9 weeks)



                  Saturday July 26 and Sunday 27 2014

                                                                    Registration ~ click here for registration form


       WSASA Player Card Registration

           Online at or at the Bellingham Sportsplex ~ $33 Whatcom Card (good for all       

           Whatcom Leagues) or $38 Unlimited Card (good for all Leagues in WA state ~ with the exception

           of GSSL ~ they have their own player card) Valid Temp card issued ~ both online (please print) &

           hardcopy given at the Bellingham Sportsplex.




         WSASA Player Card Medical Insurance Information ~ click here  

          Call WSASA ASAP to activate a claim 425-485-7855 (Mon, Wed Fri 9am-2pm and

          Tues & Thurs 3pm - 6pm) as 90 day time constraint on filing a claim and once

          your claim is accepted by USASA ~ you will have 12 months to actually claim.     




         View 10 day Bellingham weather forecast.

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