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WCASA Team Procedures

WCASA Team Procedures
(Revised 4/2014)

Note: The WCASA Team Procedures, Revised April 2014, is a companion document to the WCASA Laws of the Game. In addition to WCASA Team Procedures, the companion document identifies classes of infractions and penalties for the different classes. These two documents together will be used to facilitate and regulate the playing of WCASA league games.
Rules of Play

All WCASA league games will be played according to current F.I.F.A. laws with the exceptions or additions as noted in the WCASA Laws of the Game

Each player of any WCASA league game must meet all of the following requirements:
a) Be at least 18 years old
b) Be rostered with the WCASA Administrator at least 48 hours prior to participation
c) Hold a current WSSA player card
No visibly pregnant woman player will be allowed to play

Team Rosters
The maximum numbers of players on a roster is 28
Players must be age appropriate for the division that they are playing in.
Team Managers are to provide the following information to the WCASA Administrator:
Full name, address, phone number, email address and date of birth of all players
All deletions and additions to a team roster must be in writing - via email preferred - include name, address, phone number, email address and date of birth.

A player may only play on one team within a division/day of play (e.g. winter coed > 30 Div 1 / Div 2)
Any player changing teams must be deleted from their former team before they may be added to a new team. The former team's name must be provided to the administrator.

Responsibility for providing this information to the administrator lies SOLELY with the team and failure to comply with any of the above requirements may cause implementations of penalties.

A team found to have played an unregistered, fraudulently registered, suspended or otherwise ineligible player shall forfeit the game or games. Said player & team manager may be penalized for a period to be determined by the WCASA Board.

Any team manager, team, or player which is found to have willfully and/or consistently violated the playing rules of WCASA may be suspended from participation in all WCASA activities for a period to be determined by the WCASA Board..
In the event of WCASA receiving a report of a team, coach, or player failing to comply with the concepts of Sportsmanship and Fair Play, the WCASA Board of Directors shall investigate. If the allegations are found to have merit, the board may levy penalties over and above those penalties that may have been otherwise applicable.

Game Day Procedures

Teams that are unable to play a match must provide 24 hours notice of a forfeit by contacting the WCASA Administrator at or are possibly subject to a fine consisting of the cost of one game per team fee paid (team fee for season/number of games in season). The fine will be paid by the team manager prior to the start of the team’s next game. An appeal of the fine may be made to the WCASA Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting. If the fine is reversed, the fee will be returned to the team manager.”

All teams are encouraged to be at the field at least 15 minutes prior to kick-off to allow for a timely start.
Present the referee with a current preprinted Game Report prior to the game. Players may not be hand added to the roster. No exceptions.

All players are to surrender their current WSSA Player Card to the referee prior to the game.
Players not able to provide a current WSSA Player Card will not be permitted to play. No exceptions.
Failure to comply with ALL the above requirements may cause the implementation of penalties.
At the conclusion of the game, the referee will return all WSSA Player Cards less any retained due to a red card offense. WCASA Administration will return these cards before the player’s next scheduled game that he/she can play in.
In the event of a lopsided game, at the agreement of both teams, at or after the half time; with the score at that time remaining the official score, teams can then re-organize and continue as a regulation game.

1. Any complaint or comment regarding a referees ability, demeanor, or appearance shall be addressed to: Referee Assignor, WCASA PO Box 29716 Bellingham WA 98228 or email

2. A protest can only be made for a misappropriate rule call, not for judgment. To protest a match, a team must first notify the referee, so they can note the protest on the game report. The protest then must be filed by the team manager, in writing and received within 72 hours of the game being protested. The protest should be sent to the Judicial Chairperson, c/o WCASA, P.O. Box 29716, Bellingham, WA 98228. The Judicial Chair should also be informed by email and/or telephone of the protest.

3. For games with no-show referee, options are to:
a. Play without a referee.
b. Choose not to play at all. Game will be scored as a 0-0 tie.

If teams choose to play the game, all WCASA league rules apply. Rosters must be presented to opposing team and cards checked. Game reports are turned in.

No game will be rescheduled due to a no-show referee. Referee fees will be refunded regardless of whether the game is played.

League Standings
For league standing purposes, 3 points will be awarded for a win, 1 point for each team will be awarded for a tie and 0 points will be awarded for a loss. The team with the most points at the end of the season will be awarded as division champion. In the event of a tie, the following criteria will be used.
A first place standing may be forfeited by any team that doesn't field a team or doesn't show up for the last game of the season. This decision would be made at the discretion of the board.
1. Head to Head
2. Least goals against
3. Most goals for
4. Coin toss at end of final game

Judicial Procedures
WCASA Judicial will adjudicate red card and multiple yellow card offenses in accordance with the following guidelines.
Class of Red Card Infractions

Technical – Class I
Serious Foul Play – Intentional handling a ball to prevent a goal or a goal scoring opportunity.
Serious foul play – Impeding a player, through unlawful means, thus denying the attacking player’s team a goal scoring opportunity.

Technical Class II
Foul and/or abusive language – not directed at another player or spectator.
Persisting in misconduct – after having received a caution.
Physical – Intentional Class III

Serious foul play – other than those listed under Class I
Foul and/or abusive language – directed at another player or spectator.

Physical – Intentional Class IV
Violent conduct / Foul and/or abusive language directed at a game official
Racial harassment

Sexual harassment

Physical – Intentional Class V
Referee abuse/assault

Note: This applies anywhere in the soccer facility, including, but not limited to the parking lot
Foul language is defined as language that would generally not be considered acceptable in front of children, in a working environment or in a place of worship. Abusive language is considered to include the previous examples in addition to language that may be considered demeaning and disrespectful and/or presented in a threatening manner, including gestures and motions. It should be noted that the referee has the final word on what is considered foul and/or abusive language.
Penalties for Red Card Infractions

Class I
Minimum: Removal of player during the reported game and one game.
Class II
Minimum: Removal of player during the reported game and one week.
Class III
Minimum: Removal of player during the reported game and two weeks.
Class IV
Minimum: Removal of player during the reported game and three weeks.
Class V
Any report of Referee abuse/assault will be forwarded to WSASA for their adjudication. If determined guilty, WCASA may impose an additional suspension in addition to any penalties imposed by WSASA.
Circumstances may result in more severe penalties.

Special Note and Appeal Process
The WCASA Judicial Chairperson will use the above as guidelines for determining penalties for the appropriate class of infraction. If there are extenuating circumstances and the player feels that a contest of issuance of a red card, the player may appeal to the Judicial Committee. All appeals submitted to WCASA must be in writing and accompanied by a fee of $25 and be postmarked within 48 hours of notification of said decision.

WSSA Player card will be returned to players after the required suspension period has been served. The Administrator will make arrangements to have the suspended player's card returned via the WCASA clear drop box at the P66 Soccer Park or in the referee box at a satellite soccer facility.

Red cards issued at the end of the season for actions listed in the Physical-Intentional Classes may result in suspension of play in subsequent seasons, dependent on the seriousness of the infraction.

The issuance of more than one (1) red card per season per player will result in the player appearing before a WCASA Judicial committee to determine the penalty.
If a player receives three (3) yellow cards in one season then that player will receive a one-week suspension after receiving the 3rd yellow card.
Repeated violation by a team may result in the team manager being called before a Judicial Board to determine if expulsion of the team is appropriate.

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