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WSASA Player Card

Medical Information Provided by WSASA Player Card

If a player holding a current WSASA Player Card gets injured at a practice or in a scheduled game.

WSASA Player Card insurance picks up as Secondary medical insurance if player has medical insurance & Primary medical insurance if the player does not.

There is a $400 deductible. Keep all receipts.

Player should call down the WSASA office as soon as possible after the injury occurs ~ to obtain paper work to submit a claim.

There are time constraints on filing a claim, so call as soon as possible to initiate the claim. Once the paper work is completed and returned the player will have 12 months

to actually claim. Better to initiate a claim and not need to use it than to wait and then need more treatment later on and be declined as too late starting the claim process.

WSASA office hours: Mon, Wed & Fri 9am -  2pm  /  Tues & Thurs 3pm to 7pm

WSASA Phone # 425-485-7855 - speak to a real person.

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