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Inclement Weather Policy

We in the process of reviewing our inclement weather policy and will post process updates here. Please follow us on Facebook for the latest on any game cancellations due to weather. 

We try to make cancellation announcements at least four hours in advance before game time. 

Situational Weather Reference

High Heat

When the Heat Index is forecasted to be 91 degrees or more  by game start, we will cancel games. We use and search by zip code 98248 to make this decision. 


Game play must stop for at least 30 minutes after a lightning strike. 


When the AQI is forecasted to be "unhealthy" or worse by game start, we will cancel games. We have an air quality monitor at the P66 fields that we use. 


Games will only be canceled if the venue closes. 


Will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 

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