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Referee Information

You must be recertified for 2021 to be able to work any game in 2021 ~ no exceptions. 

WCASA requires a  W9 PRINT ONE HERE completed & returned to each year before you are able to work working first game of the year.  

WCASA games are assigned by Assignor ~ please email 

WCASA has no self-assign capabilities.

Referees working WCASA games are expected to be professional in dress and work ethic.
To abide by WCASA Rules (the current WCASA Rules can be view on this website)
Referees are expected to arrive promptly at assigned venue, have correct clean, smart uniform, correct year patch, whistle, watch, pencil & cards.

What referees working for WCASA can expect from WCASA:
1) To be treated respectfully by players, cash on day/night of play.
2) L&I paid for all working referees.
3) Federal Tax Form (1099) will be issued by 1/31 each year to any referee earning $600 or more the previous calendar year from officiating WCASA games.

Helpful Contact Info.

The Whatcom Referee Association -

The Skagit Referee Association link -

WCASA (Adult) Referee Assignor contact email address -

Important Referee Docs.

Referee Biographical Information Sheet

Referee Biographical Information Sheet

Misconduct Report

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